A Level

Entry requirements:    

Five GCSE Grade 4s including Maths & English Language.

Additional entry requirements:    

Grade 5 in Maths and either Grade 6 in Biology and two Grade 5s in Chemistry and Physics or two Grade 6s in Combined Science

What is it? 

The study of life: Using analytical thinking, research and practical skills to enhance your passion for understanding such things as genetic engineering, preventing disease, genes and species survival.   

Why choose this subject at BSFC?    

Our specialist teachers understand that the jump to A Level Biology from GCSE is considerable, but are best-placed to support you in stepping up to the challenge and understanding the living world that surrounds us.    

What will I study?    

Six modules including: Practical skills; Foundations in Biology; Exchange & transport; Biodiversity & evolution; Communication, homeostasis & energy; Genetics, evolution & ecosystems.

How will I be assessed?  

Exams at the end of Year 2 & a practical endorsement. 10% of exam marks available are based on mathematical assessment in the context of Biology.  

How will this subject prepare me for the world of work? 

Scientific method, problem-solving, data analysis and practical skills are key skills in many careers. Biology is crucial for entry into many careers such as medicine, veterinary science and dentistry.   

Exam Board:


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