Exam Board: AQA

  • Are you driven to find out how you can improve your performance in Sport?
  • Are you interested in how our bodies push themselves to their physical peak?
  • Are you keen to understand what gives Olympic champions the psychological edge over their competitors?
  • Are you intrigued by why nearly one billion people would watch a single sporting event?


Entry Requirements

You have achieved at least 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including Maths and English Language, with grade 4s in Sciences or PE Theory Paper of PE.


Is this course for me?

  • You want to further your knowledge and understanding of the importance of exercise and activity to a person’s physical, social and mental wellbeing.
  • You are already a regular player in a sports team outside of College.
  • You need to be committed to your sport, willing to improve your own ability and explore how to analyse your performance.
  • You have a passion for Sport and a good level of practical ability.
  • You want to develop your performance as a performer/coach.


Where does it lead?

Students that have taken P.E. have combined it with a wide array of other subjects from Art through to Physics. Students have studied the subject further at University and have progressed onto careers including teaching, coaching, recreation management, sports development, sports science and physiotherapy. The recent growth in the health, fitness and leisure industries have led to a large increase in both the career options and Higher Education courses offered in Sport.


What will I learn?

Year 1

Paper 1: Factors affecting participation in physical activity & Sport

You will learn about the cardiovascular, respiratory and neuromuscular systems and analyse movements in physical activities. You will also study how diet/nutrition, various training methods and biomechanical principles impact on performance. You will consider how we classify, acquire and transfer skill and how this is underpinned by the theories of learning, effective methods of guidance, the feedback given and a variety of psychological concepts. You will learn about the historical development  and key sociological issues in sport and the part played by modern technology.

Practical Performance in Physical Activity & Sport

This is the practical element where you will complete a personal performance in the role of player/performer or coach. You will also evaluate your performance through the production of written analysis, identifying, targeting and monitoring your own performance. This must be linked to your practical performance and to appropriate theoretical subject content.


Year 2

The content from Year 1 is built upon and additional learning includes:

  • Energy Systems
  • Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Advanced Biomechanical Principles & Psychological Theories
  • Development of Elite Performers & Current Sociological Issues Affecting Participation & Sport.


How will I be assessed?

The course is assessed through both written examinations  and practical performance.
Two written examinations will make up 70% of the qualification. Practical Performance will make up 15% with the remaining 15% of the qualification based on Practical Analysis.


What activities can I get involved in?

You will have the opportunity to participate or represent College in a range of sports. There are also a wide variety of trips and visits to take part in. Past students have visited the Chill Factory indoor ski and snow centre in Manchester, Glyndwr University in Wrexham and Chester University.


We have made every effort to ensure that the information displayed is accurate. The College reserves the right to make changes and cannot accept liability arising out of, or in connection with any revision. 
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