A Level

Entry requirements:   

Five GCSE Grade 4s including Maths & English Language.

What is it?    

A combination of practical and theoretical work, examining communicating with audiences, style, dramatic structure, characterisation along with historical, social and cultural contexts of works.

Why choose this subject at BSFC?    

The College has a strong performing arts culture, and each year, an ambitious and exciting production is put together by the College's actors, directors, dancers and musicians for a performance to the public.

What will I study?    

Studying two plays for knowledge and understanding of theatre through analysis and evaluation, creating original drama, and exploring and interpreting existing works.

How will I be assessed?    

40% written exam; 60% practical work; all at the end of Year 2.

How will this subject prepare me for the world of work?    

Crucial personal skills are enhanced on this course, from self-confidence to working with others, and practical skills to analytical thinking.

Exam Board:


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