Welcome to the most successful sixth form in the area.

We know that every student can succeed. No matter their starting point or which school they come to us from, our unwavering belief in the science behind learning tells us that everyone can achieve great things when purposeful hard work and expert teaching are combined.

This belief is proven year upon year when our students’ results outperform all local schools, including grammars. Simply put, students do better with us than anywhere else.

Our teachers are not only friendly, welcoming and inspiring, they are also specialists in their fields. They only teach students over GCSE age, so are experts in their subjects and develop students to get the best out of their College experiences.

Our students’ personal and academic development are at the heart of everything we do at the College.

The decision to come to the College is a big step for any student, and for any parent. Whether coming to us from a high school which has a sixth form option or not, starting somewhere new can be daunting. But, we make a pledge to each and every one of our students that it will be the best decision that could possibly be made after finishing GCSEs. We make this pledge because every year, without fail, we have students and their parents that thank us for changing their lives. That is what we do. Our students flourish, they make life-long friends and they will set themselves up for the next stage in life – university, apprenticeship, employment – whichever path is chosen, the College experience will be the backbone to success.

I hope students wanting to begin with us in September enjoy their time in Year 11, and look forward to joining the most successful sixth form in the area next September.

If you have any queries, please contact me on 0151 652 5575 or write to me at: Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Park Road West, Claughton, Wirral, CH43 8SQ


Educate Awards - Most Inspirational Sixth Form
Educate North College of the Year 2023
TES Shortlist
Quality in Careers
CE Certified
BePART Educational Trust
Sixth Form Colleges Association
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award