Our Careers Guidance Programme is designed to inform, support and inspire our students to be positive and ambitious about their future plans and to equip them with the skills and qualifications they need to progress into either higher education or the world of work.

On A Level Results Day in August 2019, we celebrated as over 400 students set off to university to study a wide range of subjects from Law, Medicine, Art, Architecture and Psychology to name but a few. Others progressed to higher level apprenticeships with local, national and international organisations.

Birkenhead Sixth Form College is committed to ensuring high quality, timely, accurate and impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance is provided to support students to make informed decisions about their future. This includes supporting them to develop both academic skills for progression to higher education or employment.

The College recognises that there are a range of stake-holders who all play an important role in helping young people to explore the opportunities open to them so they can make purposeful steps towards their future.


Our Careers Guidance Programme is designed to meet Gatsby benchmarks. Click here for our Careers Guidance Policy.

The College has earned the official Quality in Careers Standard Award. Click here for more information.

Please see document below for details of the College's SEND Career Development Plan:

SEND Information


The College operates a three step programme for student success: Explore; Decide; Act. Below is an overview of what the three stages involve.


Click the titles below for more detail on each of the three stages: