A Level

Entry requirements:    

Five GCSE Grade 4s including Maths & English Language.

What is it?    

Not just performing dance but also choreographing, working in groups and engaging in critical thinking about the actual art form of dance itself.

Why choose this subject at BSFC?    

The College has a strong performing arts culture, and each year, an ambitious and exciting production is put together by the College's dancers, actors and musicians for a performance to the public.

What will I study?    

Working on dance techniques, choreographing and participating in performances both solo and in groups, and researching and understanding dance theory, history and cultural context.

How will I be assessed?    

50% written exam; 50% performance & choreography; both at the end of Year 2.

How will this subject prepare me for the world of work?    

Aside from the obvious route of going into areas of professional dance, the A Level encourages development of crucial skills like confidence, creativity, interpretation and dedicated rehearsal.

Exam Board:



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