25 October 2021

Image of Maths building renamed in honour of Paul Birken

Birkenhead Sixth Form College has renamed its Maths building in honour of teacher and Head of Maths Paul Birken, who passed away in 2020.

A hugely popular figure at the College, Paul is remembered both as a friend and a colleague, and the department that he cared so passionately for and worked tirelessly toward is now emblazoned with his name.

The Paul Birken Building, formerly known as the ‘N’ rooms at the College, will now hold the title of the ‘PB’ rooms, as tribute to the enormous impact that Paul had on both those that he worked with and those he taught. 

In his time at Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Paul led the Maths department to become a national award-winning operation, raising aspirations of young people across the Wirral and Merseyside.

College colleagues gathered for a special event to mark the building’s new name plaque, with Paul’s family in attendance to draw the curtains and unveil the tribute to his legacy.

College Art teacher, Alan Redfern, has also painted a superb portrait of Paul, which will take pride of place within the Maths department.

A commemorative book brought together the many messages, tributes and stories that his current and former colleagues and students wished to share after his passing, highlighting just how important a role he played in so many different people’s lives. 

Just a small selection of the tributes:

“I wish I would have spent more time with him to learn from him. He was clearly such a dedicated, passionate man and we all miss him very much.”
Ashley Vallance, Head of Psychology


“I am so grateful that Paul was a part of my life and the impact he’s made on me as well as other students is something I will never forget. 

“Thank you for believing in me, Paul.”
Rachel Choy, former Maths student


“He knew each and every student well and made the classroom such an inclusive space to learn and progress. I hope his family and friends can find comfort in knowing he will be remembered by the many students he inspired.”
Adrian Jones, former Maths student


“Honouring Paul is important. I don’t want to ever forget the impact and contribution he made to helping us achieve everything we have at the College. 

“Thank you, Paul.”
Mike Kilbride, Principal


The full tribute book is available to read below.


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