15 October 2021

Birkenhead Sixth Form College’s Friday Events Programme continued this week with the theme of Black History Month, seeing two more visiting speakers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in different fields talk to all Year 2 students.

Chantelle Lunt and Darius Knight gave insightful and inspirational talks during October’s Black History Month, bringing both education and enlightenment for students to enhance their understanding of the importance of the topic and of the event.

A prominent activist and founder of Merseyside Black Lives Matter Alliance, Chantelle is a writer, speaker and entrepreneur, whose first hand experiences bring a fascinating perspective for students to hear from.

Chantelle was formerly a police officer and blew the whistle on institutionalised racism and sexism within the force. Her talk focused on decolonisation and the importance of understanding black history.

Darius Knight is a former GB table tennis player and Commonwealth Games athlete. Reaching international level at the sport at the age of 12, Darius is renowned for overcoming a tough upbringing in London, and now inspires others particularly in urban youth culture to pursue their dreams.
Darius talked honestly and insightfully, living up to his reputation of telling the truth, and his own experiences have made him a role model and example to all.

Darius works with Sky, The Premier League and other major institutions to encourage others to play and raise awareness of the sport for all ages and backgrounds.

After the talk, second year student Chloe said: “This has been my favourite of all of the Friday Events talks so far. It was really educational but when someone talks with such enthusiasm and passion, it doesn’t feel like you’re there to learn and you can’t stop listening to them.

“I took so many messages away with me and I think it’s really important that people have the opportunity to listen to talks like these.”