8 October 2021

The College’s Friday Events Programme continued this week with an inspiring and thought-provoking talk from an anti-racist educational equity specialist.

Starting a series of talks and tutorials based around October’s Black History Month 2021, consultant Catherina Quinn has been speaking to our Year 2 students about race and the impact of racism. 

Catherina is also a representative for the Anthony Walker Foundation, which was set up in 2006 in memory of Anthony, who was murdered in Liverpool in a racially motivated attack, and they now work to tackle racism and discrimination through educational opportunities and promoting equity and inclusion for all.

Former Solicitor Catherina gave Year 2 students a powerful and emotive talk, highlighting the very real issues faced by black and ethnic minority members of society each and every day, throughout life.

With under 5% of Wirral’s population being made up of non-white people, Catherina’s messages are made all the more important, with emphasis being given to explaining what is and what is not racist, making the discussion of the colour of people’s skin no longer taboo or ignored, and rather celebrated and learned from.

Catherina’s talk is the latest in the list of Friday talks from visiting speakers, and previous weeks have seen RASA Merseyside (a support service for individuals impacted by sexual violence) and PUSH Talks (Higher Education specialists) amongst others give relevant and engaging sessions to all second year students as part of their timetable.

The Friday Events Programme continues with future talks including the Brook speaking about PSE and a session focused on Remembrance.