12 October 2020

Image of Students embracing virtual enrichment activities

Students at Birkenhead Sixth Form College are getting involved in a full range of enrichment activities in the Do More, Be More programme, embracing the new normal and participating in virtual sessions to learn new skills and enjoy themselves.

Restrictions have meant that face-to-face activities have now moved online, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds of first and second year students at the College getting involved in activities ranging from learning British Sign Language to participating in eSports competitions.

The College rolled out using Microsoft Teams for a virtual learning platform this term, which all staff and students are now extremely familiar with, and the use of the software has meant that the transition to virtual enrichment has been seamless and easy.

Part of the Do More, Be More programme is also the opportunity for students to engage in volunteering or work experience, and Christy Bino, Markesha Edwards and Ben Kavanagh have been chosen for online career experience places with the prestigious InvestIN.org, who provide inspirational programmes to students who aspire to break into some of the world’s most desirable professions.

Two teams of six students have taken part in a national eSports challenge against dozens of other teams from schools across the country, with our Deputy Head Student, Kuba, stepping up as captain in a 3-0 win against Ada digital skills college in the first round of fixtures.

Justin McCoy is also representing the College in a local chess league, and is currently sitting in second place of the individual competition.

More than 200 students have taken part in Do More, Be More activities outside of the classroom, and will now be awarded gold, silver and bronze badges to mark the number of sessions that they have attended.

The College has a dedicated Student Engagement Officer in Jordyn Layfield, who is in charge of implementing and coordinating the programme of enrichment opportunities.

Jordyn explained: “This year is obviously different to previous years in that the activities have moved online, but it’s great to see that the students are still getting involved in big numbers and taking a lot out of what’s on offer.

“Enrichment sits alongside what students learn academically and is so important to give every student an opportunity to learn a new skill, meet new people and just make themselves a more rounded person. It’s about having fun as much as it is learning too.”

Although there are some 30 plus activities currently on the go, there is no reason that the number couldn’t grow, and Jordyn said: “If anyone joining the College has an idea for a new club or society or activity that they think we might not currently offer, they can just let me know and we’ll do what we can to make it happen. We’ve had loads of great ideas in the past that we’ve put into place, with anime clubs, photoshop sessions and make-up tutorials, just to name a few. All ideas are welcome!”

To get in touch with Jordyn about a new club or activity idea, whether you’re joining the College in September 2021 or you’re a current student, email jla@bsfc.ac.uk.

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