16 November 2010

Over 60 representatives of local, national and international organisations are due to converge on Birkenhead Sixth Form College this month to attend its Careers Fair. 
The event is arranged biannually to give all students grass roots information about a huge range of career opportunities.  Future graduates, students who seek employment after leaving the College and adult students currently employed will be able to talk to experts in a wide variety of fields.
Unilever Chemists, Sainsbury and Nat West Business Managers, Clinical Psychologists, Solicitors, Engineers, Fire and Police officers and many health professionals will provide students with first class advice and invaluable help to enable them to plan their next step towards a successful future.  Students can find out about prospects, pay and the best degree courses to apply for as well as making contacts in an area of work that interests them.
Careers specialist Rowena Lovatt said of the event, “We are delighted that such a large number of people are willing to give up their time to provide invaluable guidance to our students. We hope that access to such a large body of expertise will give them a clear picture of the world of work they are preparing for.”