7 June 2017

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Why study it for A Level?

As the Head of Art & Design at Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Angela Watson, points out, the creative industries are Britain’s biggest employer. With digital media growing exponentially, creative skills have never been more in demand in the world of work, and studying A Level Fine Art, Graphics or Textiles can put you in great stead for your career.

The three Art & Design A Level courses at the College offer very different ways to hone your artistic flair, but also develop valuable life skills.. You’ll have to be driven and self-motivated, and working independently is a key component of being successful in any Art-based A Level, although our expert staff will train and guide you as you take the step up from GCSE and throughout your two year course.


What makes Art & Design different at Birkenhead Sixth Form College?

The College’s purpose-built School of Art & Design was opened just four years ago, and all Art students benefit from the specialist facilities on offer in the separate creative environment overlooking the rest of the campus.

Our expert staff help you with all the techniques and training that you need to work independently, and each year students flourish from the challenges that the subjects present, culminating in an end of year Summer Art Show – a chance for visitors from both in and outside of College to appreciate some of the best and most creative A Level work in the area.

The independence and motivation required to be successful in A Level Art subjects is well respected by universities and employers, whether that’s in specific Art & Design areas or other fields; they are qualities that make candidates for any role stand out.

Birkenhead Sixth Form College also offers a post-A Level Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media that makes for a perfect pre-university course. The Foundation Diploma extends your artistic expertise even further and universities and other institutions highly regard students who choose to take this qualification before higher education.


Art & Design students said:

“It’s really enjoyable. You learn to work for yourself independently and have to know what you’re doing, so you develop in how your reflect on and analyse your own work. That’s what uni’s like so it’s good preparation and it’s definitely worth it.” – Suzie Gray, who finished A Level in 2016 and went on to take the Art Foundation Diploma. She heads for Loughborough University in September with an unconditional offer.


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