25 May 2017

Image of Art Foundation students Lauren & Suzie reflect on 'Significance' exhibition success

For us, we feel the exhibition was a success. Suzie and I gained everything we hoped and more from the show in terms of people’s reaction to our work, feedback and the experience. We particularly wanted to do an exhibition as it would be a great learning curve for us to go through together. In addition to this, our work had intertwining themes, the main one being choosing something which is significant and investigating it, hence the name for the show.

Lauren and I thoroughly enjoyed working together and our worked connected especially well in the exhibition. We feel that one of the main motives for organising the show was to prepare us for university, as we are very aware this is a significant part of a Fine Art degree. Not only this, we wanted to allow our work to be viewed by a wider audience and the feedback was an important aspect for us as this would indicate how we progressed with the work in the exhibition.

The whole experience has made us more independent; organising an event requires speaking with staff throughout the College to arrange a space, advertising, printing and more. We are very thankful for all the help and support the College provided us with throughout this experience, it has been a great one. 

Lauren Clynch & Suzie Gray


Photos from 'Significance'

Category: The Student Voice

Lisa Clynch
26 May 2017

Well done to the both of you! You should be very proud of yourselves for all your hard work and dedication, fantastic exhibition xx

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