1 February 2022

An integral part of Birkenhead Sixth Form College’s commitment to social mobility and widening participation is raising aspirations and allowing students to access some of the world’s leading universities.

The College’s Pathways to Oxbridge initiative opens up the process to apply for places at Oxford and Cambridge to all students regardless of background, and gives a full overview of all of the information needed to be prepared for the application process and what it entails.

All first years students have been invited to get involved in the Pathways to Oxbridge programme, with those that have their sights set on joining many of the College’s alumni at both Oxford and Cambridge colleges have completed unique booklets to help with their first steps to the hallowed grounds of two of the oldest universities in the western world. The admissions process, interviews, a breakdown of the colleges, the possible course choices and the sculpting of the personal statement are all among the subjects discussed.

Eligible students are encouraged to participate in the UNIQ (Oxford) and HE+ (Cambridge) programmes which aim to increase both applications and places for students who come from mainstream schools. Many of the College’s students take advantage of these initiatives each year, but this year, the

Pathways to Oxbridge programme is taking matters one step further.

Second in charge of Student Development and tutor, Kate Birch, oversees the aspiration-raising scheme, alongside the Pathways to Medicine programme which similarly opens doors for future medics to take their first steps towards the vocation.

Kate said: “It’s always been our aim to fully inform students of all of the options that they have after finishing College, and sometimes this includes paths that they might not have previously considered. Every year, our students’ work ethic and eventual success proves that they fully deserve to have sights set on Oxbridge places, or other university, apprenticeship or employment opportunities that they may never have thought possible.

“Our students come from a full spectrum of backgrounds and all are equally worthy of access to the leading universities. Our mission for every student is to make sure that no one is disadvantaged. Everyone is on a level playing field and it’s down to their hard work and determination that influences where their next steps will take them.”