4 June 2019

The College’s student leadership positions have been named for the next academic year, with exciting new roles and a new structure in place to reflect the ongoing growth of the College and student needs.

The traditional Head Student job is now joined by a team of deputies, each with their own collection of responsibilities, whilst another group of Ambassadors have been selected to liaise with their former high schools and their Year 11 and 10 students. The remaining Ambassadors will have duties representing the College and the student body both at internal and public events.

Anna Sass will fill the role of Head Student, having joined the College from Prenton High School last September. Anna’s cheerful and empathetic disposition, along with her drive and organisational skills, make her ideally suited to leading a superb team of Ambassadors and carrying the student voice.

Under Anna are eight Deputy Head Students with five different areas of specialism. Matty Hassall and Martha Simmons will be responsible for student engagement, while Erin Jones and Connor Lamb are in charge of wellbeing. Joe Klemperer and Hanan Tantush lead on mentoring, with Chloe Mills representing the Learning Assistance Base needs and Ben Saunders looking after student equality and diversity.

Ethan Carroll, Kyle Cooper, Guilleary Deles, Claudia Gambles Rebecca Johnson, Chris Jones, Jacob Owens and Maisie Reid will all be liaising with their old schools and offering guidance to current high school students about their next steps after GCSEs.

Head Student Anna said: “I’m really looking forward to working with the whole team and getting to know people. A lot of the Ambassadors already have great ideas about what they want to do and I’m here to listen to those ideas and get the best out of each situation.

“The structure of the team with the specialist sections means that we can assign the Deputies with their own sub team of Ambassadors to help them which will mean that we can all offer the best support to current students as well as new students and parents when they come to visit or we go to their schools.”

On being named Head Student, Anna said: “I’m chuffed with myself to be honest! My parents were really happy for me too. I just can’t wait to get started!”

The Student Ambassador Team for 2019-20:

Syeda Aktar

Calum Anderson

Crystal Brigden

Benjamin Carpenter

Katie Cummins

Amelia Donnelly

Neil Dunlop

Lucy Evans

Caitlin Fitzpatrick

Chloe Fleming

Elysia Gilmour

Lauren Goodfellow

Leah Gribbin

Niah Harrop

Anya Headland

George Higgins

Luke Holmes-Thompson

Faye Hoyland

Erin Johnson-Finnerty

Jasmin Jones

Christopher Jones

Lisa Lambson

Jessica Lees

Harvey Lewis

Adam Lewis

Josh Malcolm

Jack Martin

William Matthews

Ella Mitchell

Katie-Louise Moore

Megan Moore

Ellie Murphy

Molly Nelson

Oliver Nickson

Alex O'Halloran

Lilly Piper

Jack Redmond

Leah Sherlock

Lucy Smith

Millicent Starkey

Mia Valente-Billington

Daniel Wallace

Daniel Weaver

Elliot Went