17 May 2019

A student who benefitted from the College’s three year Pathways programme has earned herself an apprenticeship with one of Europe’s biggest companies.

Chloe Jones joined the College in 2016, studying Psychology and Business BTEC Diploma after completing her foundation year, and is now aiming for the best results before starting on her apprenticeship with the multi-national Unilever.

Europe’s seventh most valuable company, consumer goods producer Unilever is co-headquartered in London and Rotterdam, and has a major research and development base in Port Sunlight.

Chloe applied for different areas of apprenticeship within the company, including finance and human resources, which she has been learning about during her Business lessons.

Chloe said: “We’ve learned all about HR, marketing, finance and leadership, and you discover what your own personal style is with these things, especially leadership.

“My confidence has grown massively since I started at the College, but I’m still not a very confident leader, which is something I’m working on. I’ve never really been comfortable around big groups of people and talking to them, so I prefer smaller groups, but it’s really just a matter of confidence.”

Chloe joined the College from a local school which has since closed, and Chloe explained: “I took Business in year 10 but just never had the support I needed. I was really annoyed with myself after my GCSEs because I didn’t get the grades I wanted, but I’ve realised since that it was down to my school experience.

“Coming to the College and doing a foundation year was like a second chance. You also get the chance to grow up a bit more before taking A Levels and BTECs.”

On her future career, Chloe said: “I still haven’t decided where I want to specialise, but I know that it’s got to be something that I enjoy, and something that takes me to new places. I’d love to move around.”

Chloe’s assigned tutor at the College, Jen Foden, said: “Chloe’s journey from when she started at the College has been remarkable. To say she’s grown in confidence would be an understatement. She’s grasped opportunities with both hands and this offer of an apprenticeship at Unilever showcases just how far she’s come and what she’s achieved.

“Chloe embodies our values here and she is more than a credit to the College and herself.”

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