15 October 2019

Image of Psychology students bring learning to life at Chester Zoo

Head of Psychology, Ashley Vallance, explains what students got up to during their trip to Chester Zoo:


"Psychology BTEC students visited Chester Zoo to receive a workshop on how psychological learning theories apply to the daily routines of many species at the zoo. 

"The students witnessed how operant conditioning had been used to train elephants and the great apes in welfare techniques that helped to keep them happy and healthy in their enclosures. Students also experienced the difference between male and female species and carried out research on evolution, sexual selection and adaptations.

"Examining the work of psychologists Skinner, Pavlov and Bandura, students were able to bring their learning to life. The social and cultural behaviours of chimpanzees were discussed and we all learned how groups of chimpanzees have subtle cultural behaviours which have been acquired through social learning theory and mediational processes.

"Students also walked over 18,000 steps whilst carrying out their research tasks and it’s safe to say we all slept well that night!"


Psychology Trip to Chester Zoo Oct 19

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