18 September 2017

Image of Law students gain career insights with Carpenters work placements

Over the summer, three first year Law students earned prestigious work placements with the local law firm Carpenters, which is an industry-leader in claim services to the insurance industry and its customers. The College has worked with Carpenters for a number of years, giving students invaluable work experience that not only helps with College work but stands out on CVs and university or employment applications. Carpenters also generously sponsored the ‘Scholar of the Year’ awards at the Class of 2017’s Graduation Ceremony earlier in September, with leaving students Sam Pelan and Millie Sherlicker picking up the prizes.

This year, Maddie Amer, Amina Bibi and Ellie Fletcher claimed the honour of the Carpenters work placements, and this is what they had to say about their experience:


Maddie: “I honestly enjoyed every part of it! It's refreshing to learn about law outside of the class room, and I certainly learnt a lot within three days. It was very organised and everyone was so lovely. They were always willing to help and teach me what they do every day in work, which was very beneficial. It gave me more of an insight into the working world and different fields of law you can go in. On the second day, I went to St. Helens County Court with a solicitor (Victoria) who gave me a lot of advice, such as pursuing a degree in law as well as a career, as I watched other lawyers present their case in front of the judge. Overall, it was a pleasure to have work experience placement with Carpenters. They were very welcoming and certainly broadened my knowledge for a career in law, whichever field it may be.”


Amina: “My first day at Carpenters was at their central office in Liverpool. Here I observed the inbound and outbound calls that were made about car injuries that the clients have been in. I then observed how they analyse and store the data given by the clients. On my second and third day, I was at the Carpenters office in Wallasey but we mostly spent the days in court where I got the chance to see what the procedures are like in court hearings. I also got the chance to see a case that the company is working on that has been going on for years and is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds which was really fascinating: it showed me why it was worth that much, as well as the impact of the injury to their client. This was an amazing opportunity for me and I would love to do again.”


Ellie: “All the people I met were so friendly. On the Thursday, I worked with a lawyer called Ann and she let me read up on a case file then sit in a meeting with the defences solicitors. Afterwards, I got to look at more cases and CCTV footage. On Friday I went to court with another lawyer, Vicky, in St. Helens and got to sit in on all the cases where there was a dispute over compensation which was the best day. The judge was very nice, and funny as well.  Overall, I loved it!”


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