13 September 2017

Image of Melissa: "I never realised how much College actually prepared me for uni"

Melissa Andrews, who left the College this summer as one of the Class of 2017, writes about her immenent move to university

Since results day, I've been doing all my prep for uni and an online mini module (which prepares you for how uni works). It’s made me realise how much College has actually prepared me for uni.

I didn't realise until now but so much that's new and scary to most people who are moving away for uni isn't at all scary to me because I've been doing it for the last two years! I’ve noticed it with loads of things, but to name a few:

  • Sapien and Moodle are very similar to the site my uni has for students to log into to find online notes from lectures, track how well you're doing etc.
  • I know already to use frees for revising what I've learned that week (rather than just, say, sleeping!) and College has helped me to realise the most effective way to revise too.
  • I know already to check my student email regularly.
  • Knowing lecturers on a first name basis.
  • Being independent and having to manage my own time rather than being shepherded around like in high school isn’t new to me.
  • And also, just general things like moving to a place where you don't necessarily know people. I was really nervous on my first day of College but by the end of the first day I had loads of friends. In second year, the classes were completely different but it didn’t bother me at all, so I'm not afraid of starting uni anymore.
  • I'm more willing to get involved in societies in the first year when the work load isn't as intense as it will be in second and third years, having made the mistake of waiting until the second College year to do things like first aid etc.
  • Having had the experience of being an Student Ambassador at College, I know I definitely want to apply for a job as a student ambassador at uni in my second year

I can't wait to start uni at Edge Hill next week! I'm doing English Language with Creative Writing and I'm already reading through the huge pile of textbooks that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I'm just really excited to see what the future brings!



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