3 October 2023

Image of TV’s The Anatomy Lab gives students live post-mortem experience

The Anatomy Lab, stars of the BBC and the Discovery Channel, have visited the College to give students an experience that was certainly not for the feint-hearted.

In a live dissection experience, Biology A Level students got hands on with animal body parts in order to learn more about the human body and its functions, in a morning that was literally full of blood and guts.

Dr Sam Piri tours the country as The Post-Mortem Live and delivers extremely engaging sessions academically, but then blends that with allowing students to get involved and test their mettle dealing with the different organs and offal, removing eyes, cutting with scalpels and performing all manner of stomach-churning tasks to further their knowledge.

The post-mortem course is broken down into sessions focused on the different body areas, but starts with learning about the approaches and technical skills. Dr Piri then moves on to concentrating on the head and neck, where students don the gloves and perform cavity dissections including the brain, meninges and spinal cord, before session three looks at the thorax. 

Session four on the intestines and associated body parts rounds off a day that Biology students will never forget for all the right reasons, where so many others would want to forget straight away.

BE WARNED: If you keep scrolling, you are going to see some particularly gruesome images!

The Anatomy Lab - October 2023


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