1 March 2022

Birkenhead Sixth Form College’s Higher Education (HE) Week sees a range of different universities visiting the College so all first year students can hear directly from HE providers about researching choices, writing personal statements, student finance and budgeting.

A wide range of universities are at the College this week, and each Year 1 student will hear from the institutions during their weekly tutorial sessions.

Via the Tutorial Programme, our tutors equip students with all of the tools necessary to make informed decisions for their future, but the visits of the universities are an opportunity to hear directly from some of their admissions departments about getting the best out of their applications.

When it comes to university, finance can be a major concern for students, so the sessions with the specialists can help allay any worries and also bust some myths that surround financial matters in HE.

Hosting universities, visiting speakers and the annual Futures Day are all part of the College’s expansive, robust and award-winning Careers Programme, which is built into students’ weekly sessions, and also features a popular Careers Clinic with our two careers advisor tutors, Tom and Andy, and appointments can be booked by clicking here.

The Careers Programme is centred on three stages to achieve success: Explore; Decide; Act. At this time, the first year students are at the point of exploring their options for their next steps after College, which is where the visit of the universities comes in. The online careers hub Unifrog also plays a key part in students’ ability to perform in-depth research into Higher Education and apprenticeship options, with the app acting as a complete destinations platform which helps students compare every opportunity and apply successfully. The students’ Unifrog accounts are also accessible by their tutors and their parents, so they can both help manage the students’ progression effectively.

Head of Student Development and Careers Leader at the College, Jo Wood, said: “We’re delighted to welcome our university guests to the College this week. These opportunities for students to interact directly with university departments are vital to students’ decision making and help to ensure that they are fully informed about their next steps.”

For more details on the Careers Programme at the College, click here.