7 September 2021

Image of Unrivalled support at the region’s leading sixth form

Outstanding results are just one side of what Birkenhead Sixth Form College’s education provides, with students finishing their College experiences each year saying that it’s the best years of their lives.

Support comes in a full spectrum of forms for all students at the College, and mental health support is more important this year than many that have gone before. The College’s provision for supporting emotional wellbeing is second-to-none, with dedicated staff in place to help signpost anyone in need to the best help available.

Kirsty Lowe is the College’s Designated Mental Health Lead, which means that any student can approach her for support. Kirsty’s role is to help students get the support that they need, and she maintains the superb relations that the College has with local support services that help young people with wellbeing. Kirsty can be found in the HUB or via email at klo@bsfc.ac.uk.

Lauren Brady runs the College’s Listening Service. The service is open to anyone who feels like they need to talk to someone, whether the issue is work-related or a of personal nature. The 30 minute sessions with Lauren take place in the private quiet room in the Learning Assistance Base (LAB) and can be booked directly, either via a Teams message or email at lnb@bsfc.ac.uk. Lauren’s always there for students to air their worries and get some advice.

Overseeing safeguarding at the College is James King, Director of Learning Support and Safeguarding. James looks after the whole Learning Support team who ensure that anyone with additional learning support needs gets the help they require.
Local Youth Worker, Kersti, also visits the College each Friday and is available for appointments, which can be booked via the Attendance Office at attend@bsfc.ac.uk.

All of the wellbeing support available at the College is on top of the specialist pastoral and careers support from each student’s assigned Tutor, and the vast and varied range of programmes and systems that are part of the full College experience to ensure that every young person reaches their full potential, no matter their background or starting point.

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Educate North College of the Year 2023
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