28 August 2020

Image of Student Ambassadors named for 2020 - 21

Birkenhead Sixth Form College’s new team of Student Ambassadors has been named for the 2020-21 academic year.

The now-second year students went through a rigorous application process, and from a large number of applicants, a final team of 35 have been chosen, including this year’s Head Student and Deputies. They have received their Ambassador hoodies, and of course, the coveted purple lanyard.

Holly Brown, who joined the College from Hillside High School in Bootle, will be leading the team this year as Head Student. Holly’s outgoing nature led her to landing the leading role of Sandy in the College’s production of Grease last year, which sadly had to be cancelled amid the pandemic, but Holly made a lasting impression on those around her and has already taken to the position of Head Student superbly over the lockdown and summer months.

Holly said: “Becoming Head Student is such an exciting opportunity that I am so grateful to have been given. The main goal that I would love to achieve alongside the fellow Ambassadors is to help other students to thrive and enjoy College life by offering a student perspective on a range of problems or worries they may have, forming friendships and breaking out of comfort zones along the way!

“The aim is to get people feeling comfortable as quickly as possible, whether they’re visiting College or they’re a student here, because this is a motivating and fun place to be, and we want people to know that.”

Deputy Head Students have individual responsibilities within areas of College life, and this year’s Deputy in charge of Student Wellbeing is Amy Bailey. Amy joined us from Neston High School and will liaise with the College’s Designated Mental Health Lead, tutor Jen Foden, in listening to students’ needs and implementing even more innovative and thoughtful measures to ensure that wellbeing needs are looked after across College.

Former St Mary’s student Grace Maddock will lead on student participation in College events, including running the Ambassador team in such times as Open Evenings and Taster Sessions, working with Holly to make sure that our visitors have the best possible experiences when interacting with the College, whether that’s in a virtual or physical capacity.

Kuba Walczuk is this year’s Deputy Head Student for Student Engagement, and as such will operate alongside the College’s Student Engagement Officer, Jordyn Layfield, in coordinating student involvement in the full range of clubs, societies, activities and volunteering available outside of the classroom. During the first term, these will all be run virtually, and Kuba and a number of other Ambassadors have a range of new ideas to implement during this time. Kuba is formerly of Woodchurch High School.

The team of Ambassadors has already made a huge contribution during time away from College, offering input into virtual Q&A sessions with new parents and students, and representing the College with distinction.

The full list of Student Ambassadors for 2020-21:

Head Student: Holly Brown
Deputy Head Student – Wellbeing: Amy Bailey
Deputy Head Student – Events: Grace Maddock
Deputy Head Student – Student Engagement: Kuba Walczak
LAB Representatives: Summer Bills, Nathan Hilditch

Aaron Arrowsmith
Dylan Blackwell
Imogen Boylan
Bayza Brepotra
Zoe Brown
Finn Burns
Annie Colville
Matthew Davies
Chloe Duckers
Olivia Gleave
Jessica Griffiths
Claudia Hutuleac
Aidan Kelly
Alice Langan
Thomas Lynch
Taylor Lyth
Malic Omar
Elise Prescott
Sadia Qureshi
Morgan Santos
Grace Sharp
Lindsey Slidders
Jasmine Steele
Bethany Taylor
Jack Ward
Ellen Welch
Kate Welsh
Ben Whiteside
Molly Williams-Davies

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