2 December 2019

Image of Berlin trip inspires Art Foundation students

Students on the College’s Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media (FAD) have come back from a four day trip to Berlin with ‘a new lease of life’ and full of inspiration to take into their projects.

The course is a pre-university course for ages 18+, and the trip to Berlin is a highlight for students each year.

The work involved in the qualification is diverse, and students are very much in control of their own projects, developing their own individual styles and techniques while being guided by the College’s expert teachers. Inspiration for their work can come from anywhere, so a cultural trip to one of the continent’s most iconic and historic capital cities is bound to stir up even more creativity and innovation within our artists.

Speaking on her return from the trip, FAD student Emma said: “It definitely inspired us with our own work on the course, especially the history tour. It was really emotive because you were taken around and shown people’s personal stories who lived there and actually see the places where things had happened. It made you feel like you had more of a connection with the city. It’s such a great city with so much culture, which I feel like you wouldn’t know unless someone took you around and showed you. There are so many nationalities living there; it was really fascinating.”

Emma, who joined the FAD course having spent two years working after finishing sixth form, said: “My favourite part was going to the East Side Gallery where they have part of the Berlin Wall that’s not where it originally stood but it’s now just covered in artwork. The trip has really fuelled our projects that we’re working on. It feels like we’ve come back with a new lease of life.”

Fellow student Molly agreed with Emma, saying: “I’d say my highlight was either the street art tour or the history tour on the first and second day. We did so much in the four days we were there. It was quite tiring because we did so much – our step count was pretty high! I’d definitely recommend the trip to anyone on the course next year though.

“The course is great because it’s not just useful for developing and getting the qualification, but it’s really fun because we’re all enjoying what we’re doing.”

Head of Art & Design at the College, Angela Watson, said: “We all use computers way too much to 'inform' ourselves about the world around us. There is no adequate substitute for first-hand experience, and every year this Berlin visit has provided our students with vivid inspiration for work that has rewarded them with outstanding grades and impressive Higher Education progression. We are already looking forward to planning next year's visit!”

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