15 November 2019

Birkenhead Sixth Form College students working with the Girls’ Network have been taking part in a Liverpool-based event to connect young women to women in business and learn about networking skills.


A total of 14 College students are enrolled on the programme of activities with the Girls’ Network, who are an organisation that aims to break down barriers to give girls greater access to opportunities while challenging stereotypes and building confidence in young women.


Each student has already taken part in a pairing event where they find their own personal mentor who is an influential woman from the world of work. All 14 girls have already had sessions with their mentors, with the programme reporting that 96% of last year’s cohort of mentees nationally said that their mentor helped them feel more positive about their future.


Six of our students were in attendance at Avenue HQ in Liverpool for the opportunity to meet successful women from a wide variety of careers including civil engineering, occupational therapy, police and university lecturers, to name but a few.



Having already learned from valuable tips and advice from their mentors for interviews and future employment, this event was about learning how to network and what questions to ask when making contacts for future opportunities.


The girls said: “It was really useful. I left with an invitation to a tech expo, and got motivating advice along with experiences of others that will ultimately give me that push to stand out for my future career.


“From the meet and greet session, I was able to extend my network and get contacts in my chosen career. I also got some really helpful and inspiring advice: to let your personality come through your CV and keep the conversations in interviews flowing.”



The College’s Head of Humanities and lead coordinator with the Girls’ Network, Claire Morgan, said: “I was immensely proud as Amy de Campo, the Girls’ Network Manager, commented on how the girls are a credit to the College in how engaged they were in the event. It has been absolute pleasure to watch them develop and grow in confidence.”