2 October 2019

Main Picture: The Birkenhead Park School teachers Mr Mee, Ms Pineau, Ms Dawes and Mr Osgood all received cards from their former students who are now at the College. 

Students at Birkenhead Sixth Form College have been writing heartfelt postcards to their old high school teachers, saying thank you for everything that their teachers did to get them to where they are today.

With scientific research showing that openly expressing gratitude increases happiness, positivity and even productivity, the first year students have been handwriting the postcards during their weekly tutorial sessions as part of the College’s tutorial programme.

New students have been settling into College life for exactly a month now, and the tutorial programme plays a key part in the College experience, with assigned tutors helping students navigate their way through their time here both academically and personally.

The tutors’ role involves monitoring students’ progress in their subjects, identifying any bumps in the road or assistance required and putting bespoke systems into place to help students achieve their full potential. Through the weekly tutorial programme and termly one-to-one sessions, along with ad hoc meetings, the tutors also oversee students’ university and apprenticeship applications, completing the cycle of guiding students through the transition from high school to College then from College onto the next step in life.

The tutorial system allows subject teachers to concentrate fully on the teaching of A Levels and BTECs while tutors are entirely committed to offering pastoral support.

Students took no time in identifying their favourite teachers from the years leading up to joining the College, writing emotional notes that really highlight just how important their teachers’ role has been in their academic and personal growth.

In notes to teachers from nearly 60 different schools across the region, below are some of the highlights that students have written:


“Thank you for saving me in Maths. I will never forgot your amazing speeches. Due to you saying that I am a gifted speaker, I’ve decided to do Law and it’s the best decision I’ve made.”


“Thanks for helping me achieve two high grades in English. I felt like one year of English with you gave me new abilities that allowed me to reach my goals.”


“Thank you for helping me with my Science GCSE. I’m now enjoying studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A Level. Your teaching really supported me and gave me confidence throughout my exams.”


“Miss you teaching me French! Hope no one has replaced our class too! Thank you for everything you have done for me. I hope you’re ok and hope to see you soon. P.S. J’adore Birkenhead Sixth Form College, c’est genial! Au revoir!”


“I’m writing this to you to thank you for all the times that you were there for me, supporting me, believing in me and making me smile every day. I’m thankful for your kindness because it helped me to believe that I could do well, and I did! I miss you lots and I hope to see you soon.”


“I haven’t had enough time to thank you for all you have done for me during my time at school. You’ve guided me onto a path that made me who I am today. I am thoroughly loving my time at College and I am carrying with me the memories of our class. Thank you for everything.”