12 March 2019

A visiting group of students from the Netherlands have come to the College, experiencing lessons in a British sixth form and meeting their counterparts from the UK.

The students from CSG Luidger school in Drachten arrived to a ‘welkom’ from College staff and attended a variety of lessons at the start of the day.

They then had a general Q&A session about studying in the UK with the College’s Assistant Principal, Amanda Hoey, before taking part in a ‘Learning to Learn’ session with psychology teachers Hannah and Charlotte, looking at the approaches that the College puts into place to help students get the best out of their learning.

Games in the Sports Hall during lunch were followed with a Politics workshop with teacher Jane Cavanagh, where both Dutch and British students debated the dreaded ‘B’ word!

It’s the second year that CSG Luidger students have visited the College during their working week trip to the Liverpool area, soaking up both educational and cultural activities in Merseyside, and we would be delighted to welcome them back for a third year in 2020.