21 November 2018

The College’s Dance and Drama & Theatre Studies students are performing an ambitious and creative production of Sarah Kane’s ‘4.48 Psychosis’ in December, with tickets now available to buy.

A hard-hitting piece, ‘Psychosis’ centres on the topics of depression, OCD, and other mental health issues. The play will be a promenade theatre-style production which will see the College transform into a mental institute for the evening with the audience being guided around the facility by one of the ‘doctors’.

The production is the College’s new Head of Performing Arts, Sian Murray’s first in charge, and she said: “It’s inspired by the work of Antonin Artaud, and his whole idea of theatre was to ‘attack’ the audiences senses, visually, orally and aurally. It’s an adventurous piece but very exciting, as is where the entire department is headed.”

Dance students will also being performing creative interpretive routines under Dance teacher Kirsty Thornton, who also joined the College over the summer, and student musicians are part of the night’s entertainment too.

Due to the nature of the material, the play is only suitable for ages 14+.

The performances will be on Tuesday 11th December at 6:30pm & 8pm.

Tickets are available from the College’s Finance Office on E Corridor or Sian Murray, Head of Performing Arts, at £2.50 each, with all proceeds going to Maggie’s at Clatterbridge who help those dealing with cancer.


Watch the trailer below: