16 August 2018

The emotional rollercoaster of A Level results day has been on full show at Birkenhead Sixth Form College, with students celebrating another year of record A Level results.

With results available online from 6:00am, sleepless nights and early mornings full of worry have been replaced by smiles and tears of joy as this year’s students even topped last year’s results which saw the College named the UK’s ‘Sixth Form College of the Year 2018’.

More than 60% of the students have achieved the highest A Level grades of A*- B and BTEC qualifications of Distinction*/Distinction, and the vast majority will now head to university and higher education in September.

Each student has individual aspirations and goals for their futures, and A Level results day marks the end of a two year journey at the College and the start of a whole new adventure.

Lauren Leyland logged on at 6:00am to find that she was awarded three A* grades, the highest possible results and a phenomenal achievement.

Lauren said: “I didn’t sleep well last night to be honest! But the hard work has absolutely been worth it. I couldn’t be happier and it’s been incredible at the College. I felt like a little kid when I started. You do so much growing up here. Even the space between finishing exams and coming back here now has made me feel different and more grown up.”

Jordan (left) is left stunned by Lauren's (right) results!

Lauren heads for York University to study Chemistry, and says that she’s looking forward to meeting new people and doing a course that she knows she loves.

She explained: “I feel like the experience of starting somewhere new when I was 16 has given me what I need to feel comfortable starting university. I’m not looking forward to doing my own washing and cooking though!”

Lauren’s mum could only add: “I haven’t stopped crying all morning.”

Hannah Stuthridge earned a place at Oxford University to read French and Spanish after her three A grades at A Level.

She shared her morning’s excitement with her mum and brother and said: “I’m still in shock. It’s going to take a while to sink in, but I’m really looking forward to the whole experience of Oxford – the people, the place, the course, the traditions and gowns and everything! I’m so, so happy.”

“Coming to the College means that you’ve been in the position of starting afresh somewhere before. It’s so much different to every other sixth form and my confidence has built so much. It’s still a bit scary, leaving home and being away from family, but I’m totally ready for it.”

She concluded: “I’ve been talking to my friends all morning, and no matter the grade at the end of the process, that letter stands for all the hard work you’ve put in and that should mean a huge amount to everyone, whether it’s an A or anything else.”

Fighting back the tears, Hannah’s mum said: “I’m so, so proud. It’s not just an emotional day, it’s been an emotional two years and she’s worked so hard for this and been so dedicated.

“I can’t even bear to start explaining how much we’ll miss her but the whole family is unbelievably proud.”

Hannah with her very proud mum and brother

Future doctor Abdou Jouma is set to begin his medical career path in September having secured his place at university with outstanding results.

Abdou moved to this country from Syria at the age of 12 and his drive and determination have set him on course for his dream career.

He said: “It’s been a nervous 24 hours. Even in work, I couldn’t concentrate because these results were all I could think about! I must’ve woken up six or seven times in the night too but it’s all been worth it. I can’t thank my parents, my friends and the College enough for helping me achieve what I have. Coming to the College has been such a great step in between school and university.”

Crina Pricop is off to her first choice university of Sheffield to study Chemical Engineering. Her morning was an anxious wait to see if she has gained her place but described her happiness at winning the offer:

“When I first opened my results I was happy but I wasn’t sure if I’d got a place still. I came into College and found out that I’d got in and I’m so happy now. I’m so excited to discover this new field of science and find out what career doors it can open.”

With English as her third language, Crina’s achievement is all the more outstanding, and she said: “It’s been a great life experience over the last two years and it’s really prepared me for what I want to achieve next.”

Crina and Abdou with their superb results

College Principal, Mike Kilbride, said: “These individual stories are what makes this job so amazing. The young people here this morning have all been on a journey, and they start another one today. To see the students leave with great success, but also as such well-rounded, positive individuals is unbelievably rewarding and testament to both them and the wonderful, dedicated staff at the College.”

Rachel Choy and her dad are ecstatic with her three A Star grades


Abbie Thomson seems pretty happy as her results mean she heads to Salford to study TV and Film. Ben Moglione is set to read Chemical Engineering at Sheffiled Uni


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Aisha Stott's overwhelmed with happiness and shares the moment with her Psychology teachers


An emotional Emily Redmond celebrates getting into her first choice of Cardiff with her teachers and parents


College Principal Mike Kilbride is interviewed for BBC Breakfast


Head Student Caitlin Jones's hard work means she's into her first choice university and aims for a career in health care


Maddie Amer had an emotional morning but is off to university with excellent results and a very proud mum and dad. She even manged a live spot on TV.


Three A Stars Lauren Leyland celebrates with David Flynn


Mirela only found out her results when she got to College and seems to be pleased among friends