31 March 2015

Image of Inspirational Iceland visit for Sixth Form College Geography students

A group of first and second year Geography students at The Sixth Form College had the opportunity of a lifetime as they embarked on a 5-day trip to Iceland.

The visit provided an opportunity for students to apply topics they have covered in their studies to a real life setting, such as discovering how Geothermal Energy is generated, learning more about how the Icelanders cope with the threat from volcanic activity and gaining a more in-depth knowledge of Constructive Plate Boundaries. The group also got to experience the stunning Icelandic landscape and the country’s unique culture.

The students will have the advantage of being able to apply the knowledge gained during the trip in their forthcoming exams.

During the five days the students enjoyed a range of exciting experiences including a geothermal swim in the Blue Lagoon, set amongst a landscape of black lava where the water is drawn from a depth of 2000m and is rich in natural minerals; donning crampons and ice axes to go ice walking on the Solheimajokull glacier – one of the fastest retreating glaciers in the world; and walking along the black volcanic beach at Reynishverfi to see the basalt cliffs and cave. The group also visited a geothermal power station to find out how natural hot water is helping Iceland develop clean energy and cut its carbon emissions.

Chris Wathen, Head of Geography at The Sixth Form College, said: “It was such a rewarding trip for the students to visit this fascinating country. It is invaluable for the students to gain first-hand experience of what they are taught during their studies – it really does make more of an impact and has greatly contributed to their understanding of many current geographic issues.

“The students also got to view the Northern Lights, the geothermal activity at Geysir and stand on the Thingvellir rift valley, where the North American and Eurasian plates move apart at 2cm a year.”

The students said the trip was both an educational and inspirational experience.

First year student Bromwynne Butterworth, said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed the trip, it was very interesting as we visited a good variety of places. It was a fantastic experience.”

Second year student, William Roberts added, “The trip was great due to the outdoor activity. It has allowed me to go to the places I have been researching and going around Iceland you can see what impact the volcanic activity has had on the people living there.”

Check out the incredible footage of the Northern Lights caught by AS student Dan Turnbull whilst on their trip:
Northern Lights Footage - Iceland

We just had to share this incredible footage of the Northern Lights shot by one of our Geography students on their recent trip to Iceland! (Credit: Dan Turnbull)Stay tuned for a gallery of photos and news story from the trip.

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The Sixth Form College organises dozens of overseas and UK-wide educational trips each year, reinforcing the classroom teaching and giving students the opportunity to expand their horizons.

Iceland 2015

Check out more images in our Facebook Gallery and see more of our student’s comments below:


A2 student, Kirsty McLaren said, "The trip completely exceeded my expectations! It was a really phenomenal experience and opened up Geography as a subject and made the tectonic subject come alive."
AS student, Dan Turnbull said, "It was a very interesting experience. My favourite moments were seeing the Northenr Lights and visiting the Blue Lagoon - I throughly enjoyed everything!" Check out Dan's incredible video footage of the Northern Lights above.
AS student, Milly Barratt said, "It was nothing like I have ever done before. The Geothermal Energy Power Statin Museum was really interesting, and asking questions everywhere was really helpful!"
A2 student, Ryan Anderson said, "It was a very good and informative trip. I found seeing the formations and landscapes helped to put what I have learnt into perspective."
AS student Carl Whittam said, "The whole experience was amazing! It gave us an insight into the formation of glaciers and the ways volcanoes erupt."
AS student, Shannon O'Hara said, "The trip was great fun and there was lots to do. The extra facts from our tour guides will be useful in future case studies."
AS student, Storm Evans said, "I enjoyed the trip and seeing the different culture and terrain."
AS student, Georgia Bryan-Owens said, "It was a fun-filled and enjoyable!"


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