• Futures Day

An annual day dedicated to equipping all first year students with all the information required to make decisions about their next steps. More than 60 universities, apprenticeship providers and employers visit the College and students can choose which talks to attend based on their own suitability.


  • Visiting Speaker Programme

All subject areas have a range of relevant speakers visit to talk about their careers and offer advice about getting into their field of work.


  • Work experience

Work experience can offer crucial insight into jobs and careers for students. Not only can they learn what they do enjoy about the work, but what they don't as well, all through experiencing it first hand. The College's Student Engagement Officer is on-hand to help students arrange their work experience and students are encouraged to arrange their own too. 


  • Job market information (local and national)

The College's tutors and the students' Unifrog account can help students understand what jobs are available, how many there are and where they are located. They are also able to gauge how the national picture looks for any given line of work.


  • Researching course options

The Tutorial Programme and Unifrog help students investigate university and higher qualifications options available to them, narrowing down the best suited courses for each individual.


  • Apprenticeships and understanding the different types available

Tutors delivering the Tutorial Programme help students understand the variety and nature of different apprenticeship options, and bust some myths that surround the choices of going into apprenticeships. 

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