20 December 2018

Image of Student Ambassadors' production of 'Annie' goes down a storm

Our team of Student Ambassadors decided to give us a Christmas treat and put on a production of the classic musical ‘Annie’ for our entertainment.


Without any staff input and completely off their own bats, the group of amateur actors put on a slick and extremely amusing show, incorporating elements of College life into some well-thought out gags.


Here, Head Student Adam reviews the production, which also managed to raise even more money for Maggie’s at Clatterbridge in the process.



Where to start? At the beginning might help.

A group of novice actors attempting to put together a performance of Annie which has been replicated worldwide for years, without any teachers' help while also entwining a modern spin! It had disaster written all over it. But the performance certainly didn't disappoint and it was brilliant.

Chloe Gardiner and Owen Caffery especially have to take a lot of credit as co-directors and script writers. They managed to completely revamp a well-known script with an original spin. The comedic moments were genius as they brought the New York setting of Annie to Birkenhead and made the audience at home. The gags about the College made even the most steel-faced critic laugh and they really did have the audience keeling over in hilarity.

Chloe Gardiner in action

The choreography was tremendous and played to the strengths of the cast. Karolina Cichocka did a brilliant job at doing ‘Hard Knock Life’ as well as being an amazing Annie. Jamie Percy Roberts also did a phenomenal job with Easy Street. Matty Foster pulled off the role of Lily St Regis with unerring ease and the over the top scouse accent was a perfect touch. Miss Hannigan did happen to steal the show, however, as Owen Caffery was worryingly comfortable with make up on and commanded the stage whenever he graced its presence.

Owen Caffery commanding the stage

Without ever singing, the cast made that seem irrelevant as the audience became submerged in what was being shown on stage. The orphans who opened the show particularly did a good job at starting it off with a bang and ensuring the energy was there from the start.

Whilst it has to be noted, quality wasn't exactly highly consistently, it didn't matter. These bits were just as funny and enjoyable and that's what it was all about. The Student Ambassadors really did a tremendous job, and big thanks also has to be given to the non-ambassadors who stepped in for backstage and lighting as both were done brilliantly, and without them, the show could not, and would not, have been as terrific as it truly turned out to be.

Wayne Thomas in character

Upon leaving the performance, I’m immensely proud of my Ambassador team for putting on such a brilliant performance and every single individual involved played a huge role in making the production a success. Millie Gorman made Mike Kilbride look a soft touch and truly embodied the BePART values as the Principal, keeping in with the College core requirements. Abi Ramanusam gracefully pulled off the role of Grace (pun intended) and Wayne Thomas proved he was the Donald of all trades by playing both Mr Bundles and the organically orange President Trump. Megan Wilson, Niamh Canning, Hannah Davies and Chloe Gardiner did an excellent job with the orphans and really ensuring each one had their individual character and stood out. Niamh's role as the dog certainly barked up the right tree. And finally, Mark Fletcher literally attempted to play everyone from an orphan, to the College premises team (bouncers), to a hysterical portrayal of Rooster and was accomplished throughout it all.

Niamh Canning's dog character and Karolina Cichocka as Annie

Thank you all for a brilliant performance that did yourselves proud 100 times over. When combined with juggling work on top of learning lines and rehearsing, it was a brilliant job and everyone involved has to be incredible proud of yourselves. Well done.

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