4 April 2018

Image of Love Maths? You’re not the only one!

Assistant Head of Mathematics, Steve Yates, explains why taking Maths A Level at the College is the fresh, new challenge that you’re looking for. 


Let’s be honest: plenty of GCSE students can’t wait to see the back of their days of studying Maths – something that’s been part of their education since first starting school. But what about those who actually enjoy the challenge and satisfaction that mathematics can offer?

When you come to the College and study Maths A Level, the first thing you’ll notice is that you’re around like-minded people. It may sound like an obvious thing, but this is the first time that you’re learning in a classroom where everyone actually chose to take Maths; you’ve got something in common with everyone around you.

Taking Maths isn’t an easy option, as you’ll be well aware, but the teaching at the College is set up to support you on a very individual basis through every step. Even when you’re at home and doing homework pieces, you get the helping hand you need from your teachers – the teaching staff make tailored videos to help through individual questions in homework and classwork, so you’re not left wondering. College lessons begin with 15-minute starter revision sessions too, so you’ll never get left behind if you’re struggling with a topic. Students say that this regular format of lessons helps them get their heads in the right place, which they like. It’s a bit like limbering up your brain with some recap questions and some other problems to stretch you a little further.

As our students enjoy the challenge of Maths, we try to get involved with plenty of activities outside the classroom, from entering the UK Maths Challenge to taking part in the Liverpool Pop Maths Quiz. There are extra sessions on Wednesday lunchtimes to help students train for these competitions, and there’s lots of material that you can access through the College computer systems to help too. We’re hoping to take our students down to London at the start of the next academic year to visit the Science Museum and we’ll have workshops while we’re there focusing on what we explore. Some students also like to get involved with the Cipher Challenge, which may interest those who fancy themselves as codebreakers for GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) in the future!

Teachers here also help students with entry to the country’s top universities for Maths if you think you might want to take Maths onto Higher Education and a career, but even if not, having a Maths A Level on your CV will set you apart from a lot of other people.

Right now, you might be sitting in Maths lessons at school being in the minority of enjoying it, but that’s just why taking Maths A Level at the College can be the right choice for you. If you like a challenge and you like solving problems then come and be around people like you in a fresh, new environment where the teachers will bring out the best in you.

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