At Birkenhead Sixth Form College, we ensure that you’re supported for every step of your time with us, and that includes before you start in September.

If you’ve had your interview, been offered your place and accepted it, there are several other enjoyable events that give you the chance to prepare for College life and feel comfortable before lessons begin.


Freshers' Day

5th & 6th July 2018

You will have discussed subject choices at your interview, but don’t worry, we know that things can change and these aren’t always your final decisions.

After you’ve completed your GCSEs, there’s an opportunity to join us for Freshers' Day at the start of July. Not only is this another chance to narrow down the subjects that you’d like to take for A Level & BTEC, but you can also meet new friends, teachers and tutors that will be with you for the next two years.

You'll be receiving your invitation to Freshers' Day at the start of June!



August 2018


Enrolment is where you come to confirm your final subject selections. Having had your GCSE results, you’ll have a much better idea of what you’d like to study at A Level or BTEC, but these are also not decisions that you have to make all on your own.

On your Enrolment day, you’ll have a special meeting with our staff to help you pick the best options for you and your future. We call this counselling you onto your courses.

All of our specialist tutors and expert teachers will be on hand to advice you on the best choices for you personally, as each student has their own different aspirations and needs, so we tailor the College education experience for every individual person.

This meeting may be quite short or may take some time – the only important thing is getting the right outcome for you.

Once you’ve made your choices, you’ll be given your first pieces of homework so you can hit the ground running when you come in for your first lessons.



September 2018


So College life begins! You’ll be learning in a new and exciting environment and be starting on the next steps to a successful future. We encourage independence in our students, and people say that studying here feels more like university than school, but they also know that the specialist support that was offered in the lead up to starting your further education carries on up until the minute that you leave us. Help and guidance is never far away, and no student gets left behind.

Like university, everyone joins us new to the College, which also makes for an extremely exciting time. Every student is in the same boat and starts at the same point, creating a friendly and fresh atmosphere that you might not find at other sixth forms.

You’ll call your teachers by their first names, wear clothes of your own choosing, and have relationships with our staff that are built on mutual respect and working alongside each other, rather than a school-style teacher/pupil dynamic.


We hope you’re as excited about studying with us as we are about welcoming you here!