As you’ll be aware, the government has announced that GCSE results will still be issued on Thursday 20th August as planned. Once you’ve received your results, the process of enrolment at the College can begin. This is where you will make your final decisions on the subject you’d like to take at A Level/BTEC. Depending on your results, you may benefit from advice and guidance from our Heads of Department before final decisions are made.


Fast Track Enrolment

Your Enrolment and consent forms will be sent to you in the post by mid July. Included will be a pre-paid envelope for you to return these documents, and if you do so before the 14th August, your Enrolment will then be fast tracked at your appointment as we will have been able to process your details. If not returned by the 14th August, you will have to bring these forms with you to your Enrolment appointment.


Emailing us your results on GCSE Results Day

On Thursday 20th August after receiving your GCSE results, you need to email us with either a picture or a scan of the results. These should be sent to:

Remember to include the whole of the document in the pictures so we can be sure of your indentity.


GCSE Results Day Clinic

If your results are not as you’d hoped and you’d like to seek some advice before your Enrolment appointment, our specialist tutors run a GCSE Results Day Clinic at the College on Thursday 20th August. This does not take the place of your Enrolment appointment, and it’s also not to officially change your subjects, which happens at Enrolment. The clinic serves to offer support and guidance on what the best steps are for you as an individual based on your future goals and GCSE results.


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