Birkenhead Sixth Form College welcomed members of Wirral Council this morning to help celebrate a remarkable year of awards and recognition for the college, including a national Sixth Form College of the Year accolade.

Cross party Councillors from across the borough met staff at the College and heard about the TES Further Education award win, along with a North of England Sixth Form of the Year trophy and placing top of the government’s A Level schools league tables in Wirral for student progression.

Wirral council member for the Bidston and St James ward, Brian Kenny, said: “It’s been a really positive story from where the College used to be to where it is now. I only wish more people out there knew that story, because I suspect that a lot of people from Birkenhead and around the Wirral and beyond don’t know about the fantastic work that goes on here.

“A lot of people from outside have a perception of Birkenhead which a very negative image but there are so many good, positive stories to come out of here and I think this college is the jewel in the crown.

“I’m certain that this work ethic is appreciated by students and staff.”

Addressing the College staff, Wirral Council Deputy Leader and Councillor for Claughton, George Davies, said: “We all appreciate being talked through that wonderful experience that you have been through and where the College is now. I hope for the future that you continue to succeed because you definitely deserve to.”

Principal at Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Mike Kilbride, referred to the College’s commitment to social mobility and inclusivity at its key to success, saying: “We believe that every individual has the ability and potential to succeed. Meaningful hard work from our staff and students, with positivity and ambition, results in young people achieving, no matter where you come from or your academic starting point.

“We are not a selective institution and the profile of students that come to study here has never changed, but what we have developed is an attitude and environment that ensures that every person that comes to the College, whether that’s with a portfolio of high grades or not, leaves having bettered themselves and as a well-rounded citizen with a lot to offer our community.”