With exam season fast approaching, Birkenhead Sixth Form College is launching an initiative to help students get into a positive, calm and pragmatic mind-set to be fully equipped for the challenges ahead.

‘Focus on the Finish’ looks to remove as many barriers stopping students concentrating on their end goals as possible, and make sure that their time both inside and outside of College is productive as possible, culminating in their final exams starting in May.

“The exam period does not have to be a stressful time."

Mike Kilbride, Deputy Principal

Each student has been given a clear and concise revision guide to help them with the technicalities of the revising process and to assist in planning their time, as organisation is as key to exam success as determination to achieve. Special revision sessions in a variety of subjects took place over the Spring Break and will continue to run throughout the rest of the term, while weekly tutorials and portions of normal lessons will help students with both revision and exam techniques. The learning resource centre, the HUB, is also now open in the evenings and Saturdays mornings to offer an environment for students to study.

Deputy Principal at the College, Mike Kilbride, said: “Focus on the Finish isn’t just a poster campaign or a series of pep talks: it’s about the technicalities of learning how to revise and take exams. A lot of students have never been taught the processes of how to go about revision, and our specialist staff are here to help them to do that.”

The Deputy Principal continued: “The exam period does not have to be a stressful time. If you plan, commit and work hard then the exams can be approached in a calm and collected manner, which optimises the chances of success.

“Most of all, if you do the work now, the positive outcomes will follow.”