Birkenhead Sixth Form College is an oversubscribed sixth form college with an outstanding Ofsted rating. It is nationally recognised as the 2018 TES College of the Year; and has received the highest accolades for driving social mobility including the 2018 SFCA and AOC Beacon Commended College status.



A new classroom block is proposed to accommodate the existing student body and those students who have been unable to secure places as the College has been at full capacity in recent years. The proposed nine classroom block plus supporting accommodation will be integrated into the existing main building on the current site. It will enable the College to manage the current demand for places as well as providing more space and facilities for our existing students. 


  • It allows the College to provide the best possible teaching and learning environment to its existing and future students with ancillary social space.
  • It allows the College to remain an all-inclusive centre of excellence for an academic sixth form education on the basis of its existing admissions criteria.
  • It allows the College to meet demand by keeping applications open throughout the academic year rather than closing early, which we have had to do in recent years thereby restricting access to an outstanding academic education in an inclusive mixed sixth-form environment.
  • It allows the College  to maximise flexibility and minimise over-crowding in terms of the teaching accommodation in circumstances where generally, we use all of our classrooms all of the time.
  • It allows the College, which is situated in an area of economic deprivation, to offer an academic progression route to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • It allows the College to put additional supportive interventions in place to facilitate academic progression to higher education.





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