• GCSE Results Day is Thursday 24th August 2017


  • By Results Day, you will have received your Enrolment Appointment letter with your own personal appointment date and time through the post. You will need to bring your official GCSE results slip with you, along with the other information specified in your Enrolment Appointment letter.


  • Don’t worry if your grades aren’t as you’d hoped – we’re hosting a GCSE Results Day Clinic at the College to help you understand your options. Whilst this is not in place of your Enrolment appointment, it’s an extra opportunity to speak to our experts and put your mind at ease.

GCSE Results Day Clinic

Thursday 24th August 2017

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Drop in to the College to speak face-to-face or

Call 0151 652 5575 and press option 1 for Admissions


  • Your first day at College is Monday 4th September 2017 

  • The first few weeks at College are especially designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed about your fresh start in a new and exciting environment. ‘Find Your Feet’ incorporates a host of fun events and enjoyable activities to help you settle in, make new friends and get you raring to go in College life. Our team of Student Ambassadors play a major role in the event, as they have recently been in the same position as you and understand what it may feel like. Our Head Student, Charlie, said: “We’re looking forward to meeting all the new students and we’ll be all around the College to help or simply just to talk to. There’s going to be loads going on with ‘Find Your Feet’ to help people feel comfortable in their first few weeks at the College too. Some of the ideas we’ve been talking about could be really good fun!”