Consultation on Birkenhead Sixth Form College’s proposal to become an academy 

Birkenhead Sixth Form College is applying to gain academy status and to join Wirral Academy Trust which was established by the College in 2015. This will mean that the legal status of the College will change but it will continue to operate in the same way that it always has. The College will retain the highly successful characteristics and ethos of the Sixth Form College and will continue to provide high quality academic provision.



Principal Kathryn Podmore said, "There will be many advantages for the College being able to take up the opportunity opened up by the Government for Sixth Form Colleges to achieve academy status. This will provide alignment of Birkenhead Sixth Form College with government priorities, broadening the opportunities to engage with the wider educational system.  There will be no change to any of the programmes and the excellent opportunities that the College offers its students. In fact, by sitting within the Trust, as an academy, this will allow the College to play a key role in working with other educational institutions in the area to raise standards and aspirations for young people. There will also be the opportunity to make greater financial savings which can be directed into the learning of our students’. The College will be able to reclaim VAT, which is not previously allowed under the current legal status."


Details of the College’s consultation can be found in the following documents: